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Photo of Martin Schachenmayr

Mr. Martin Schachenmayr
Managing Director

Martin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CMI GmbH in Dresden and its subsidiary in the Czech Republic. Having joined CMI in 2006, Martin brings 25+ years of engineering management experience in the United States and Europe to oversee the delivery of the full range of CMI activities, including product development, regulatory services, and manufacturing.
Photo of Tobias Rokosch

Mr. Tobias Rokosch
Business Development and R&D Program Manager

With more than 15 years of medical device development experience, Tobias specializes in early concept development and prototyping testing to support the quick progression from the concept stage to market introduction.
Photo of Gunnar Bock

Mr. Gunnar Bock
Program Manager

Since joining CMI in 2001, Gunnar has managed varied complex catheter system developments, manufacturing transfers, tool and fixture fabrication, and equipment developments.
Photo of Michal Hromadka

Mr. Michal Hromadka
General Manager

Michal oversees CMI’s serial production, relying on 20+ years of medical device experience in the areas of research and development, quality assurance, manufacturing engineering, and facility management.
Photo of Karsten Gebhardt

Mr. Karsten Gebhardt
QA Manager

Karsten is responsible for quality assurance in CMI’s Dresden prototyping facility and oversees our design verification testing programs for new products.
Photo of Anja Grau

Ms. Anja Grau
HR/ Office Manager

Throughout the past 17 years Anja supported the organization in various areas due to her HR and commercial / legal education. She is responsible for human resources, trainings, PR and events and the first contact for applicants and HR partners.
Photo of Jan Kloboucnik

Mr. Jan Kloboucnik
Director Regulatory Affairs / Quality Assurance

Relying on more than 24 years of regulatory experience and close working relationships with notified bodies, Jan has been instrumental in obtaining regulatory approvals for a broad range of medical devices in Europe, the US, and elsewhere.
Photo of Marcus Wenzel

Mr. Marcus Wenzel
Development Program Manager

For the past 17 years Marcus directed a wide range of new product developments, ranging from cardiovascular catheters to devices for radiation and neurological treatments and helped secure CE certification for various new devices.
Photo of Thomas Wiesner

Mr. Thomas Wiesner
Pilot Production Manager

Thomas manages CMI’s prototyping operation in Dresden, where his extensive process development experience is incorporated into the new product developments managed from that facility.
Photo of Lukas Roupec

Mr. Lukas Roupec
Director MFG Engineering

Lukas offers 20+ years of experience in the development, verification, and validation of manufacturing processes for medical devices. Since joining CMI in 2005, Lukas guided numerous new products through the initial market ramp-up on to cost effective serial production.
Photo of Marketa Shanelova

Ms. Marketa Shanelova
QMS Manager

Marketa is responsible for QMS compliance in CMI’s serial production facility in the Czech Republic and for the corporate change control system utilizing her 8+ years medical device industry experience with an emphasis on regulatory affairs.
Photo of Lindsay Antonio D'Silva

Mr. Dr. Lindsay Antonio D'Silva
Clinical Review Expert

With a versatile range from A&E to out-patients, Lindsay brings 11 years of clinical research and clinical diagnostic experience. Lindsay is responsible for clinical evaluations and simulated use testing to ensure safety progression from concept stage to market introduction and post-market surveillance.


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