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Photo of Martin Schachenmayr

Mr. Martin Schachenmayr
Managing Director

Photo of Tobias Rokosch

Mr. Tobias Rokosch
Business Development and R&D Program Manager

+49 351 213 88 77
Photo of Gunnar Bock

Mr. Gunnar Bock
Program Manager

Photo of Michal Hromadka

Mr. Michal Hromadka
General Manager

Photo of Karsten Gebhardt

Mr. Karsten Gebhardt
QA Manager

Photo of Anja Grau

Ms. Anja Grau
HR/ Office Manager

Photo of Jan Kloboucnik

Mr. Jan Kloboucnik
Director Regulatory Affairs / Quality Assurance

Photo of Marcus Wenzel

Mr. Marcus Wenzel
Development Program Manager

Photo of Thomas Wiesner

Mr. Thomas Wiesner
Pilot Production Manager

Photo of Lukas Roupec

Mr. Lukas Roupec
Director MFG Engineering

Photo of Marketa Shanelova

Ms. Marketa Shanelova
QMS Manager

Photo of Lindsay Antonio D'Silva

Mr. Dr. Lindsay Antonio D'Silva
Clinical Review Expert


Contract Medical International GmbH
Lauensteiner Strasse 37
01277 Dresden, Germany    

Contract Medical International, spol. s r.o.
Vazni 848, 500 03 Hradec Králové
Czech Republic

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tel. +49 351 213 88 88 | fax +49 351 213 88 99

Dresden: jobs@contract-medical.com
Hradec Králové: jobshk@contract-medical.com

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