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Develop for Manufacturability

Pilot Manufacturing

Our development activities in Dresden are integrated with our pilot manufacturing services in Dresden, supporting the seamless transition from development to market supply. Pilot manufacturing is performed in a Class 8 (ISO 14644 or Class 100,000 FED-STD-209E) multi-room, clean room environment.  The proximity between development and pilot production supports a manufacturing-oriented product development process, where a focus on manufacturability guides the development process already in the earliest stages of product development. Our ability to manufacture finished and semi-finished parts in our Dresden facility allows this site to serve as an “in-house second source” for our serial production in the Czech Republic.


Contract Medical International GmbH
A Heraeus Medical Components Company
Lauensteiner Strasse 37
01277 Dresden, Germany

Contract Medical International, spol. s r.o.
A Heraeus Medical Components Company
Vazni 848, 500 03 Hradec Králové
Czech Republic

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tel. +49 351 213 88 88 | fax +49 351 213 88 99

Dresden: jobs@contract-medical.com
Hradec Králové: jobshk@contract-medical.com

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