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Testing Services

Medical Device Testing

We specialize in creation and execution of device verification and performance testing plans to support developments and regulatory submissions.  Testing is performed according to ISO, EN, DIN, ASTM and applicable regulatory standards, including FDA requirements (e.g., 510(k) submissions, IDE applications, etc.).  The majority of tests are performed in-house.  For selected laboratory tests, such as biocompatibility, sterility, particulates, conditioning (e.g., aging, environmental, transport, etc.), and package integrity, CMI collaborates with external partners.

In-house Capabilitites

  • Test for peak tensile force
  • Test of strength of union
  • Test for liquide leakage under pressure
  • Luer Gauge Test acc. ISO 594
  • Test for air leakage during aspiration
  • Test for kinking
  • Test for fracture of guidewires
  • Test for pinholes in plastic laminate
  • Dye Penetration Test
  • Packaging Burst Testing
  • Conformity Testing for Conical fittings
  • Image Dimension Measurement


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Contract Medical International, spol. s r.o.
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Czech Republic

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